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De B1 Cube is uitgevoerd in een blauw met zilverkleurige metaallegering en maakt gebruik van de dual band scalar technologie. Naast de frequenties die 2 keer per minuut worden uitgezonden, wordt er ook een continu signaal uitgezonden.

De B1 Cube wordt aanbevolen voor huizen of kantoren met een hoge stralingsbelasting.
Zoals woningen of kantoren die binnen 1 km van een zendmast liggen, voorzien zijn van slimme meters of waar sprake is van een groot aantal Wi-Fi-signalen.
De dekking is 90m in alle richtingen. In hoogbouw/appartementen wordt 1 Cube per verdieping aangeraden.

Deze nieuwe multi-wave scalaire golfvorm configuratie biedt de beste bescherming tot op heden tegen radiofrequente straling en 5G. Sommige mensen kunnen lichte detoxverschijnselen ervaren tijdens de beginfase na installatie van dit product, maar dit geldt niet voor iedereen. Deze detoxverschijnselen kunnen worden veroorzaakt door het vrijkomen van stress in het lichaam die zich heeft opgebouwd als gevolg van stralingsbelasting en doordat het immuunsysteem zich gaat normaliseren.

Wij raden u aan een draagbaar Blushield model te gebruiken om mee te nemen wanneer u weg bent van uw huis of kantoor. Dit om het beschermingsniveau ook buiten de deur te handhaven.
  • Ontworpen voor woningen, kantoren en bedrijfsruimten 
  • Wordt geleverd met 12V power pack en adapters (EU, UK, US, AU)


Geen batterij
650 gr.
Afmeting mm
100 x 100 x 115
Output type
Dual Band Scalar
Middelgroot tot groot bereik
Level 8
Aluminium Alloy
12 V DC
12 Watt
90 m radius

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Anoniem - 04-11-2022 08:38

In february this year, I did not want to be here any more.
I had a seriously mental break down.
Up till the break down, for years my mental and physical health were going down hill, so to speak. Lack of energy, focus, stamina, strength, concentration. Absolute everyrhing that makes a life worth living. I was hospitalised and I was treated with pills. This was not the right solution. Still not really progress. Before all this i had a life worth living. I was working with people, whom suffered from a lot of different life difficulties. It was a passion to help people, I also was using my horse in that work, I was building my own firm with therapy horses.
I was also training and practising Martial art. I was in training to gain the black belt.
I have a family, wife and 3 children.
When I look back in time. I can see that my energy level and everthing else that includes my health, both mentaly and physical was geting worse, during a periode off time, until the day I did not want too be here any more.
In May this year I came in contact with a guy, he told me about blushield. And in June I got my products.
A watch and a B1 cube.
Its really a miracle, my life has totally changed. I can train Martial art again, i work with my horse again. I begin to take classes in horse treatments. It feels like I have really found my self. For the first time, in a really long time I have energy, to do what I like.
So thank you, from the bottom off my heart and soul. Your products are really a game changer.

Jelena - 27-04-2022 12:47

I am really happy with this device. I sleep better from first day of using. Generally atmosfere in my home is very calm and soothing.

Elise - 07-03-2022 08:24

After researching EMF and looking to add some protection to our home, I came across Blushield.
We're very happy with our cube. We didn't notice a detox period as it happened to arrive at the same time as Covid, so good timing as we felt rough anyway!
I was suffering with headaches and fatigue too often and after learning about EMF I was convinced that this was not helping us at all. It's difficult and expensive to totally proof your home with other methods so this was the perfect solution. We also have the portable models too for leaving the house and our daughter has one in her bag at school daily.

LH - 26-10-2021 13:56

Het werkt voor mij. Ik slaap beter en merk dat ik geen overladen gevoel of nerveuze energie meer in mezelf ervaar wanneer ik 's avonds op computer werk of Ipad, Iphone benut
Ik voel me ook algemeen meer relaxed
Hoewel dit het premium model is, merk ik toch een beter effect wanneer ik het toestel 's nachts op de slaapkamer inplug. In de ochtend neem ik het dan terug mee naar de woonkamer (wij wonen wel vrij groot)

Anoniem - 05-03-2021 17:51

Het ging bij ons niet zo, zoals bij velen: stekker in het stopcontact en wij voelen direct veranderingen ten goede. Na een paar weken merkte ik een positieve wending t.a.v. mijn gezondheid. Dat was echter na twee weken voorbij en nam de gezondheid in de volgende twee weken geleidelijk af. Geen idee waar dat aan ligt. Zodoende kan ik de premium box nou niet direct een ander aanraden. Verder blijf ik het jammer vinden, dat je het apparaat niet kosteloos uit kunt proberen. Het gaat om grote bedragen en dan mag je wat dat betreft wel wat meer service verwachten. Inmiddels zijn we de grens van 30 dagen voorbij en kan hij helemaal niet meer terug. Hij staat nog steeds ingeschakeld, wie weet wat hij ons op termijn nog voor goeds brengt.

K. J. - 24-02-2021 19:12

I like the device very much! It helps a lot and I don't want to miss it anymore. There is really an adjustment phase of 2 weeks. My first night with it I experienced like a big relieve in all of my cells and I could feel that something is different. This might sound strange but it really felt as if my body cells couldn't believe that they don't have to fight these EMFs and 5G anymore. I didn't really sleep that night but the next day I wasn't exhausted at all. During the adjustment phase I felt sometimes a bit weird but since after these two weeks I'm experiencing the full benefit of the Blushield Premium Cube: I sleep much better and more relaxed. I'm at my computer almost all day and my energy is not drained from it anymore. I have my energy back again! Thank you so much!!!

Andrea - 08-01-2021 11:04

I live on the 1st floor of an inner city building with 12 to 15 wifi networks active at any time. The only way I can decribe the Blueshield's effect is that from the moment it was plugged in, a sense of calm descended on our home. The vibrations in the air stopped and the atmosphere became "calm, settled", close to what it was like before wifi. I am not EHS, but do have mild symptoms in the presence of strong EMF. Physically, with Blueshield protection, my heart palpitations have stopped and my tinnitus decreased substantially. My tooth pain that only came on at night, almost gone. Inflammation in my fingers, 90% better. Husband sleeps better.
Once our Blueshield was unplugged my mistake for 2 days. I felt it as my symptoms started to return and was wondering if a new stronger wifi was installed at our neighbour's...but no, I just had to plug the Blueshield back in :) Very satisfied with my purchase. I will be purchasing a portable device at a later stage. Highly recommend it to anyone that's adversely affected by EMF or just wants to take care of their family's health.

Anoniem - 07-01-2021 10:14

The first week I felt very very tired but I understand that it was a detox ... then little by little I stared to gain energy and good sleep like never before ...
I am very happy to have bought this product .. I think it can help me enormously ..I use a lot my iPhone , iPad and my lap top every day .. and we have a tower not far away ... my headaches are no longer so intense .
Thank you blushield !

Anoniem - 01-07-2020 22:51

We have this device for 2 months already and can feel a huge difference in our home environment. It appears like there is more space in the house (more roomy) and we can breath easier with less headaches. We do not feel that burning on the top of our heads and that uncomfortable heat and heaviness. We do not feel tired anymore, we sleep much better and feel much calmer. We do not feel exhausted anymore when going to bed in the evening. This device really works (not sure how, but it does not matter). We feel a big difference when we come home from somewhere. It feels like oasis. We have more birds coming to our garden and they all bring their offspring here. They certainly feel good around. We work with computers every day (but do not use wireless connection though), keep our phones in different building at all times, but we have cell tower across the street and smart readers everywhere around. But this device makes it much less influential on our bodies. This device is not cheap but it's worth of the money spent. Thank you very much.