C1 Ultimate Cube C1 Ultimate Cube
C1 Ultimate Cube C1 Ultimate Cube
C1 Ultimate Cube
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C1 Ultimate Cube
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De C1 Ultimate Cube is uitgevoerd in een blauwe metaallegering. De C1Ultimate Cube beschermt een gebied tot 120 meter in elke richting en is geschikt voor gebruik op plaatsen met een hoge 5G stralingsbelasting.
De effectiviteit van de C1 Cube tegen de effecten van 5G is ongeëvenaard op de wereldmarkt.

De C1 Ultimate Cube kan worden gebruikt om u te beschermen waar er krachtige straling is van WIFI of andere draadloze apparatuur, 5G zendmasten en slimme meters. Zeer geschikt voor huizen, kantoren en scholen waar het stralingsniveau extreem hoog is 

De C1 Ultimate Cube beschermt tegen 3G 4G 4G+ en 5G. 

We raden u aan een Ultimate Portable model aan te schaffen om mee te nemen wanneer u niet in uw beschermde gebied bent. Dit zorgt voor een constant beschermingsniveau, ook buiten uw huis/werk, zodat u niet snel vermoeid raakt.


Geen batterij
750 gr.
Afmeting mm
100 x 100 x 100
Output type
Dual Band Scalar
Groot bereik
Level 10
Aluminium Alloy
12 V DC
12 Watt
120 m radius

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J.Weber - 23-12-2022 11:37

Seit der Installation hat sich meine Gesundheit verbessert, die starken Kopfschmerzen haben nachgelassen.Auch ist ein belebendes Gef├╝hl zu bemerken.

Vielen Dank f├╝r die wunderbare Technik

mit freundlichen Gr├╝ssen

Anoniem - 23-04-2022 13:29

Well, it's pretty clear that this is indeed, pretty powerfull.

I Am, a well known being from my own innerself .. The Soul.

I Am, guidet, and so it is, that i now has gotten me this piece of equipment.

I Am, clearly aware now, that this Cube, not only heals the body because it does it jobs. It also, en a pretty big way expands our chakras, including the Heart-Chakra Portal .. to the Soul, and One.

Breathing in chest is now better than ever before. And Life is more relaxed, and peacefull balanced .. in the now.

Thanks for this work you have done, for now on this Planet. :)

Katia - 14-03-2022 10:18

I have had the Tesla cube before and was happy with it. But after a while, I felt irritated on a very basic level. I am a very sensitive person and I was having trouble sleeping. I felt that something needs to get out of my body, like I needed a detox. I decided to get the C1 Cube. I have had it for a couple of days and I am not regretting my investment. I feel like my cells can breathe again. My sleep has improved. The town I live in supposedly has little 5G coverage yet. But I am convinced that there is a lot of other radiation that people don't talk about. I also can't imagine that our Space Fence doesn't interfere with our biology. While it is sad that we have managed to poison our environment to the point of needing devices like the Blueshield, I am happy they exist. They are not cheap, but they do the job. What I would like to add for people who feel nothing using the Blueshield: There are many other sources of stress. EMF radiation is only one of them. Most people I know have so many stress sources in their life (including nutrient deficiencies, blood sugar problems, trauma and an unfulfilling work situation) that they may not notice when one stress source falls away. Health is always a multi-faceted approach and a constant effort. I wished people would not expect one thing to be the miracle solution to all their problems. It should be absolutely obvious that an EMF protection device will only make a difference if it was a major aspect of the problem to begin with.